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12 Bolt Locking dog
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Twelve ⅝” holes on a 7⅝” bolt circle. Includes twelve ⅝” bolts, nuts and lockwashers...
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For 10,000 ft. lb. maximum installing torque. Each of these Kelly bar adapters has six holes for ½” bolts on a 5¼” bolt circle and comes with six ½” grade 5 bolts, nuts and lock washers, and bent arm pin with coil lock...
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Kelly Bars
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With or without hubs.*Custom lengths and combinations of hubs and kelly bars available25010: 2" hex hub x 2" hex bar 48" long25075: 2-1/2" hex hub x 2-1/2" hex bar 72" long25085: 2-5/8" hex hub x 2-1/2" hex bar 72" long25120: 2-1/2" hex hub x 2-5/8" hex bar 72" long25130: 2-..
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Locking Dog Replacement Kit
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Locking dog replacement kit includes parts necessary to replace both locking dogs...
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Standard Locking Dog Assembly
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Has six ½” holes on 5¼” bolt circle, and includes six ½” grade 5 bolts, nuts and lock washers...
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